A number of interesting facts about the Malayalam language are being discussed by Kerala scholars who are researching the language and its roots. According to the researches, the Malayalam language is related to the Dravidian languages, which were spoken in Kerala. The Dravidian language, which is spoken in India, is the language of the tribes that migrated to Kerala and settled there.

The Malayalam language was closely related to the Tamil and the Hindi of the tribal groups. The language was further influenced by the Indo-European language of the Indo-Portuguese people, which was spoken in the tribal areas of India. The Indo-Greek language is also believed to have been a major influence on the Malayalam language.

In Kerala, where the migration was not that big, the migration did not have much effect on the Malayalam language. As the migration went on, the people started to speak different languages that were derived from the dialects of the languages spoken by the tribal groups. The dialects were gradually absorbed into the language of the people of Kerala.

The language Malayalam is also widely spoken in the Dravidian state of Tamil Nadu. The people of Kerala regard the Malayalam as the official language of the state.

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