It is always a case for introspection whether online degree or pursuing online education is beneficial or does it have some harmful effects as well. There are various parameters on which the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing online education can be compared. There are instances where you may not have been able to acquire a degree for yourself, and as you are in a job, it is not possible for you to attend regular classes therefore online degree as a medium for acquiring university education is a viable option for you. The advantage of online degree is that you need not be physically present in the real class, but you have to make your present felt in the online world, and this can be done by logging on to the website when the classes have been planned. And in the online classes, the restriction of time is also not a inhibitive clause, you can log on even after some time lag, or even when the class is going to end and that would make you present for that day.

This luxury is not available in case of offline class or regular class. Another advantage of online class is that you need not be dressed up for the occasion and you can be as casual as possible and can attend the class, no questions asked. The disadvantage of online classes is that you are not attuned to the classroom atmosphere and the feel and vivacity of a class is absent. You cannot play prank as you can do in a regular class either with your teacher or with your fellow students. You cannot have a feel of the campus of a university and you do not have the luxury of sitting in the canteen sipping at the cold drink or the coffee and doing nothing.