We may already know the benefits of education with online system. But we may also need to know the background of holding education by online system. What are the benefits in conducting educational programs with the online system?

Some benefits that are obtained by the institution when running the this program does not need to spend a lot of investment such as a building for the college, buildings for rectors and professors, public facilities, sports facilities, parking lots, places of worship, libraries, laboratories and canteen space.

You would agree with this system because of how much money can be saved by running this system, is it true?

The institution is running this program provides sufficient operational office will control all activities undertaken by the college students wherever they are. Another advantage, the institution does not require a lot of professors to conduct lectures to the students.

Because the format of lectures have been provided in the form of a book or cd and dvd. Or students can also be downloaded via the internet.

The institution will also not be troubled with administrative problems, such as payment of tuition and other information such as some lessons that the students have to be taken for this year, since all be done through online system.